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Austria, Vienna, Albertina, Stairs III, WK August 2011h

Austria, Vienna, Pallas Athene, WK Nov. 2010h

Austria, Vienna, Roof, WK Aug. 2005h

Austria, Vienna, The Theseustempel, WK Aug. 2011h

Canada, Montreal, Finance Centre VII, WK Aug. 2008h

Canada, Toronto, Clouds, WK Aug. 2008h

Canada, Toronto, Mirror, WK Aug. 2008h

Canada, Toronto, Skyscraper X, WK Aug. 2008h

Canada, Toronto, Skyscraper reflections, WK Aug. 2008h

Cuba, Dodge, WK Dec. 2010h

Dark side of the sun, April 2012h

England, Blue water lily, WK July 2006h

England, London, Queen Victoria Monument, WK July 2006h

Fan palm I, Cuba, Valle de Vinales, Dec. 2010hp

Fountain, USA, Illinois, Chicago XXII, WK, July 2013h

France, Provence, Vaison la Romaine, WK July 1998h

Germany, Berlin, fighting amazon, WK May 2006h

Greenland, Musk ox II, July 2015hp

Greenland, Qeqertarssup Tunua, Arch VII, July 2015hp

Greenland, Qeqertarssup Tunua XXIIa, July 2015hp

Greenland, Qeqertarssup Tunua XXXII, July 2015hp

Greenland, Qeqertarssup Tunua XXXa, July 2015hp

Hawkbit I, June 2016hp

Ipomea IV, Oct.2017hp

Italy, Florence, Giottos Campanile, WK Oct. 1995h

Italy, Rome, Forum Romanum, Flower, WK Aug. 2006h

Italy, Rome, Roman Woman, WK Aug. 2007h

Italy, Venice, Albergo Danieli, Mai 2007h

Italy, Venice, Palazzo Ducale, May 2007h

Italy, Venice, Windows, WK May 2007h

Mongolia, Erdene Zuu, dragon, Aug.2016hp

Mongolia, Erdene Zuu, endless, Aug.2016hp

Mongolia, Lamaism I, Aug. 2016hp

Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar splash, Aug.2016hp

Mongolia, Ulaanbataar west, Aug.2016hp

Mongolia, trapping Soyombo, Aug. 2016hp

NZ, Christchurch I, WK, Dec. 2013h

Nederland, Red and yellow tulips, WK April 2003h

Norway, Oslo, Gustav Vigeland Sculpture, WK, August 2012h

Norway, Straumöya 26, WK, August 2012h

Oslo, Vigelandpark, Fountain Ia, WK, Sept.2014hp

Pink Tulips I, May 2016hp

Poppy IV, June 2017hp

Poppy VII, June 2016hp

Raindrops, May 2106hp

Raindrops III, June 2016hp

Raintrops IV, June 2016hp

Russia, Matrjoschkas, WK July 2010h

Russia, Peterhof, Window, WK July 2010h

South Africa, Protea I, WK Dec. 2011h

Sweden, Stockholm, Windows, WK Aug. 2008h

Tracery on a frosted window, WK. Jan. 1992h

Turkey, Hierapolis, WK April 2006h

USA, Arizona, Antilope Canyon XII, WK April 2000

USA, NYC, Statue of Liberty, WK Sept. 2009h

USA, Philadelphia, Scyscraper II, WK Aug. 2008h