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...rise like a phoenix, Spain, Teneriffa, Oct. 2014h

Bait Al Afreet - Haus des Dämons, Oman,2009h

Blue Lion, Yellowstone, July 2013h

Brown Duck is watching you, NZ, Dec. 2013h

Bubble bath, Norway, Aug. 2012h

Calm, Russia, Swir, July 2010h

Cape of good hope, SA, Dec. 2011h

Cape of good hope II, SA, Dec. 2011h

Caribbean Wave I, Cuba, Jan. 2011h

Crocodile, Madeira, Oct. 2012h

Dark Wave, Tasman sea, Dec. 2013h

Deep frozen, Feb. 2013h

Devils Bottle, Hells Gate, New Zealand, Jan.2014h

Dog, Italy, Sicily, Syracuse, Artemis Fountain, May 2014h

Down by the seaside, Oyster Bay, Indian Ocean, Jan. 2012h

Feather, Utah, Red Canyon, July 2013h

Fruits, Schlosshof, July 2014h

Garden, NZ, Dec. 2013h

Great Britain, Fenster zum Hof, July 2006h

Greenland, Ice sculpture I, July 2015hp

Greenland, Qeqertarssup Tunua I, July 2015hp

Greenland, W. on the rocks, July 2015hp

Icecube, Ilulissat, July 2015h

Iced, Ilulissat, July 2015h

Inferno Crater, New Zealand, Jan.2014h

Lower Falls II, Yellowstone, 2013h

Madeira, Funchal, sea spray, WK Oct. 2012h

Niagara Falls 3, August 2008h

Niagara Falls 7, August 2008h

North Atlantic, UK, Tintagl, July, 2006h

North Dakota, July 2013h

Oman, Bait al Afreet, Haus des Dämons II, Oct.2009hp

Oman, Wahiba Sands, WK Oct. 2009h

Poseidon, South Atlantic, Hout Bay, Dec. 2011h

Rainbow, Niagara Falls, Aug. 2008h

Red balloon, Cuba, Jan. 2011h

Surfer, Cornwall, July 2006h

Theewaterskloofdam, SA, Jan.2012h

Turtle warrior, Teichl, July 2016hp

Ultraviolet, April 2016hp

Wave Men, Oslo, Sept. 2014h

White mud pot, Wyoming, July 2013h

Wolkenbruch, Aug. 2008h