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17. May, Norway, Oslofjord VIII, August 2012h

42nd Street, New York City, Aug. 2008h

AHTOH 4EXOB, Russia, Lake Onega, July 2010h

Abstract, Italy, Venice 5, April 2014h

Accident, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Albin Eggers Himmelsspiegelung am Acker, April 2014h

Alfred K. I, April 2013h

Alien, Greenland, July 2015h

Animal farm, New Zealand, Lake Mapourika, Dec. 2013h

Around the world, Greenland, July 2015h

Avenue Cheval de Troie, Nov. 2013h

Avenue of the Americas, NYC, Aug. 2008h

Barcode I, Norway, Oslo Oct. 2014h

Black and blue, Salzburg, Oct. 2015hp

Black wave, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Blood vessel, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Blue Carpet, Tenerife, Oct. 2014h

Blue Persian yarn, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Blue Sky, Ulaan Bataar, Aug.2016hp

Cadillac Chrome, Oslofjord, Aug. 2012h

Cadmium Red River, 2010h

Calla Palustris, Danube, May 2016hp

Canon, Toronto, Aug. 2008h

Carpet, Tenerife, Oct. 2014h

Centro della città, April 2014h

Circles, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City I, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City II, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City III, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City IV, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City V, Copenhagen, July 2015h

City VI, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Citylights, Toronto, Aug. 2008h

Colorful, Spain, Tenerife VI, Oct. 2014h

Columbus Circle, New York City, Aug. 2008h

Comic, April 2014h

Continental ice sheet, July 2015h

Contour 1, WK, April 2014h

Convex, Copenhagen, Jully 2015h

Cool, Icefjord, July 2015h

Copper wave, Budapest, April 2016hp

Crack, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Dark ribbon, Italy, Venice 15, April 2014h

Draft, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Dragon, Greenland, July 2015h

Echo Chamber, Canada, Montreal, Aug. 2008h

Edvards Scream, Norway, Aug. 2013h

Egons style, New Zealand, Dec. 2014h

Eugene D., Untergehende Sonne, 2014h

Fingerprint, Austria, Danube, Juni 2013h

Fireland, Danube, May 2016hp

Floating Iceberg, icefjord, July 2015h

Golden Wings, Russia, Wolga, July 2010h

Green Explosion, NZ, Dec. 2013h

Green Harmony, Sept. 2010, Danube 1orig

Greenland, Danube, MAy 2016hp

Greenland, July 2015h

Hallsätter See, WK Sept. 2011h

Hammerfest, Norway, August 2012h

Heavy Metal, Sweden, Aug. 2010h

Illinois, Chicago, July 2013h

Immortal, Spirit of Danube, May 2012h

Indian brush, April 2016hp

In the dark, Ilulissat, July 2015h

Italy, Sicily, May, 2014h

Italy, Venice 13, April 2014h

Jazz Symphony, Illinois, Chicago, July 2013h

Jellyfish, Norway, Nesna 3, Aug. 2012h

King Metal the oxidable, July 2014 h

LED, Italy, Venice 14, April 2014h

Lapis lazuli, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Maori, New Zealand, Jan.2014h

Mediterranean Sea II, Copenh., July 2015h

Milford Sound, New Zealand, Dec. 2014h

Miros Venice., Italy, April 2014h

Modern castle, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Mongolia, Khöömij Ugii Nuur, Aug. 2016hp

Mongolia, TDB I, Aug.2016hp

Move around, Ilulissat, July 2015h

New Zealand, Auckland, Reflection IV, WK, Jan.2014h

New Zealand, Auckland, Reflection VI, Jan.2014h

New Zealand, Tasman sea, Auckland XI, WK, Jan.2014h

Newspaper, Greenland, July 2015h

Nibelunge not - Untergang, April 2016hp

Night colours, Budapest, April 2016hp

Norway, Oslo, Oslofjord V, WK, August 2012h

Norway, Oslofjord II, WK, Sept. 2014h

Norway, Tromsö, WK, August 2012h

Nyhavn, July 2015h

Oqaatsut, July 2015h

Orca, Oct. 2014h

OrgMystThea, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Pablos colours, Italy, Venice, April 2014h

Paintpot, Sweden, Aug. 2010h

Perfume, Spain, Tenerife IX, Oct. 2014h

Philharmonic, Illinois, Chicago, July 2013h

Pointillism I, Austria, Lobau, Feb. 2014h

Power, April 2016hp

Prosperity, Toronto, Aug. 2008h

Purpur, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Red Wave I, Aug. 2012h

Red bottom, NZ, Dec. 2013h

Red confusion, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Red shadows, Greenland, July 2015h

Red wild boar, Greenland, July 2015h

Reh im Walde II, Franz M., Copenh., July 2015h

Rock and roll, Illinois, July 2013h

Salvadors surrealistic garden, July 2013h

Schwarzes Meer n. M. Beckmann , Sweden, 2010h

Secret, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Sediment, Greenland, July 2015h

Silver shadow, Spain, Tenerife, October 2014h

Sketch of Charlie B., Oct. 2014h

Sky blue, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Smoke on the water, Greenland, July 2015h

Take a shower, NZ, Dec. 2014h

Terrace, April 2016hp

The Stoclet Mosaics I, Norway, Aug. 2012h

Together, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Turnaround, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Ulaanbaatar, Sukhbaatar Square East, Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Blue Sky ICC II,Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Government Palace, Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Olympic Str.I, Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Olympic Street I,Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Olympic Street III,Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, Olympic Street V,Aug.2016hp

Ulaanbataar, open window, Aug.2016hp

Virility, NZ, Dec. 2014h

Wassilys point and line, Auckland, Jan. 2014h

Wave, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Waveless, Copenhagen, July 2015h

Wave window, Feb. 2013h

Web, Greenland, Julky 2015h

Wellington, Jan.2014orig

Wet Wood, Norway, Aug. 2012h

Wet dune, Copenhagen, Julay 2015h

Wide variety, Budapest, April 2016hp

Windows, Austria, Sept. 2014h

Yellow Submarine, Stockholm, Aug. 2010orig