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Wave art deals with pictures that show scenes from an abstract reality. The painting will be handed over to nature. It captures moments, which on normally isn't realised.

Wave art is currents, wind, rolling, a continuous circling. Light and colour become reflected and through the moving surface the position of the observer is always separating, shifting, and then put together again. Unending, perpetual, changing with daytimes and seasons. Moving colour, where the colours glide into each other. The surreal and abstract character comes through the movement of the water, influenced form light and shadow, the breaking of Dawn, sunset, wind stone and ice. Reflections emerge in bizarre and grotesque compositions. A replication of the same picture seems impossible. There are always new pictures being constructed and changing. The transformation provokes renewed waiting, hesitation, a passing moment and new astonishment. Only through fixating it becomes clear how many variations appear through the natural surface movement and the sun beams.

The pictures in wave art appear to be like paintings. Impressionistic, expressionistic, but also surreal and abstract. The effects of being blurred, extracts and colour combination recall artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Eugène Delacroix or Wassily Kandinsky to Salvador Dalí.